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Stone is one of the most forgiven exterior claddings  when it comes to  maintenance mainly because it is a highly durable material, real  thin veneer stones can easily  out last any other exterior cladding, the  only downside to it, is  its price  that compare to manufacture stones is higher.

Base on experience, even though stone is  highly  water  and weather resistant, when it is not installed  correctly with a proper drainage system behind,  it tend to keep moisture even more then stucco probably because of its density, throughout the years we have remediate many  stone homes with  improper  water managements,  this experiences is what allow us to see why  many stone installations fail.

Since the 90’s we have installed a rain screen mat behind every stone project we have worked on to make sure that the wall has the capacity to breath and dry out easily and faster,  when  stone knee walls are installed as part of the proper  water  drainage system we have always installed a non corrosive aluminum L flashing right  over the stone sill to make sure that the water  that is coming from the top cladding whether is siding or stucco flows and drain on top of the stone instead of behind, we always install a minimum of 2 layers of a water resistant barrier  paper and weep screed where wood meets  basement concrete to ensure that the water  always have a place to  weep out.

If  you  are in need of a professional contractor, looking for an installer,  searching for an specialist,  experiencing stucco, siding or stone  problems, feel free  to contact us, we will be more  than   glad  to help you and answer  all your questions.


Frequently asked questions.

What is manufacture stone?

Manufactured stone veneer is a building material fabricated by pouring a light weight concrete mix into a cast of natural stone mold. A distinct coloring process creates natural color palettes that capture the nuances of real stone. Its light weight properties eliminate the need for wall ties or footings. The thickness of manufactured stones is in average 0.625″ to 3.625″, depending on the texture.

What is a real thin venner stone?

Real thin  veneer  stone is a  completely natural building material,  blocks are removed from the quarry  to further  cut them to an acceptable   required thickness and multiple shapes.

How does manufacture stone and real thin veneer stone is installed?

For both  real thin veneer stone and  manufacture veneer stone  the process of the installation is the same.

On wooden walls a  minimum of 2 water  resistant  barrier building paper most be installed followed by the installation of a rain screen mat to create a gap between  the stone and the wall  for  water drainage purposes and faster dry out of the walls,  all necessary flashings most  be installed including weep screeds, kick out flashings, drip caps, j channels, etc. Once the water management has been taking care of   the lath  metal  mesh is embedded in  a  thick or two  coats  of Portland   cement  with  a  remarkable scratch  to ensure an strong bondage between  stone and  scratch coat followed  by  pointing   of all  joints and  filling  all  spaces.

Does manufacture or thin veneer stone require the installation of a drainage mat?

We ALWAYS recommend the installation of a rain screen drainage mat between the stone and the actual water proofing membrane, stone when is not installed correctly can cause 1000s of dollars worth of damage  to the home owner, extra precaution should be  used when designing an stone water management.

What is the difference between real thin venner stone and manufacture?
The main difference between this two claddings is mainly its origins.

Real stone  been a  Natural product and manufacture a man made product.


Real thin veneer stone pros

  • 100% natural look
  • Stronger density
  • It will not fade
  • Will handle elements better
  • Non combustible

Real thin veneer stone cons

  • High Price
  • Not Replicable if needed

Manufacture veneer stone pros

  • Affordable price
  • Non combustible
  • It comes in many colors and shapes
  • Not as heavy
  • Replicable if needed

Manufacture veneer stone cons

  • Won’t  handle elements as good as real
  • Minimal  noticeable color fade with time

Does thin veneer stone need a ledge (footing) at the base or wall ties for structural support ?
Because of its light weight, thin veneer stone systems does not require   footing or ledge  detail, neither wall ties  reducing the labor and the  cost drastically when compare with with thick  real stone systems.
Why my stone cladding is failing?
As any exterior cladding  that is constantly  exposed to the elements  thin veneer stone systems require  a proper water management,  base on experience when is not installed correctly, veneer stone can cause even more damage than stucco to the underlying sheathing and wood structure, probably because of its density can trap even more moisture.

If you are having stone, water ant mold issues refer to our  Stucco and Stone remediation services page for more info.




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