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Lately customers in the Tri-state area are leaning towards Siding as an exterior cladding alternative when facing stucco and  stone leaks or moisture issues, even though siding is a great exterior cladding and until certain point water repellent, like any other exterior facade, siding needs a proper water management and a proper water drainage to ensure the longevity of both the material itself and the sheathing where is been installed.

Like any other exterior cladding whether is vinyl or fiber cement, siding when is not install correctly by the contractor it can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to the home owner. NO house is equal and we know that, let us evaluate your  property and let us suggest what kind of water resistant barrier and water management works best for the age, type and sheathing  of your investment.

We work with the leaders in the siding  and waterproofing  industry to provide our customers with the  best  technologies in modern siding  installation.

If  you are in need of a professional contractor, looking for an installer, searching for an specialist, experiencing stucco, siding or stone  problems, feel free to contact us, we will be more  than glad to help you and answer all your questions.


Frequently asked questions.


Vinyl Siding

What is vinyl siding?
Vinyl siding as an exterior cladding has been available to the consumer  for well over 50 years as an alternative to aluminum and wood sidings.

Vinyl siding as we know it today  is constantly evolving  to ensure durability and performance  with  multiple attachment points for those windy areas, its advanced UV-resistant coatings can resist fading and guaranty a long lasting color, it can come in many shapes, colors and textures to fit your style and needs.

Does vinyl siding requires any maintenance?
Vinyl siding maintenance is basically a soap  low pressure  washing cleaning as needed, this  washing routines will be base on climate location, home surroundings, and even home owner’s way of living and style, maintenance can be required more often  if  property is surrounded by many bushes or trees  that are  not allowing the cladding to properly dry out and breath resulting in deterioration of the cladding and even mold grow.
How much does vinyl siding cost?
Vinyl siding installed is a very affordable exterior cladding, probably the most affordable in the Tri-state area, mainly because its  prep and installation does not take much time as compare to stucco, stone and even fiber cement siding, it’s made out of vinyl and  its installation is also not as labor intense as others, once is installed it does not require any painting or sealing like other claddings do. How ever as any other exterior cladding extra precaution most be taken when  waterproofing and preparing the walls with a moisture and water resistant barrier (building paper) over any wood framing and sheathing.
What are the differences between non insulated siding VS insulated?

One of the main reasons why vinyl siding is so reliable and probably the most forgiving [residential] cladding system in the USA is  the free draining space that comes with it and also because it’s very air leaky.  A wall no matter which cladding it has eventually will get wet there is no difference about that between claddings, what makes a big REAL  difference is how fast a cladding system has the ability to  drain the water and dry out. With that been said  we will mention the pros and cons of both…

Vinyl siding pros

  • Built-in drainage plane
  • Straight forward installation
  • Air gap
  • Excellent water drain
  • Fast Dry out

Vinyl Siding cons

  • Less resistant to impact
  • May appear wavy
  • Can rattle during high winds

Insulated vinyl siding pros

  • Reduce thermal bridging
  • Better impact resistant
  • Appears more uniform

Insulated vinyl siding cons

  • Harder for the wall to dry (insulation foam reduce air gaps)
  • Difficult to install
  • Price

Our vast experience with exterior claddings is what set us apart  from the rest,  we know each project is unique, with it’s own set of problems that require individual solutions.  We don’t have a one system fits all!!

At the end what dictates what is best for your property is the way  the residence was or is been built,  if your house is not inside-insulated or not properly insulated  with a proper drainage system insulated siding may be your best option, if the home is well inside-insulated  then regular siding may be your best option.

Fiber Cement Siding

What is fiber cement siding?
Fiber cement siding  is a non combustible material made out of fiber cement, a resilient mix of wood pulp and portland cement, this cladding combines the  attributes of a masonry cladding ( strength, impervious to insects), the attributes of a wood cladding ( can be shape to mimic  wood, can be painted) , the attributes of brick, stucco ( can resist cracking, splintering, denting cold and warm weathers).
Does fiber cement siding requires any maintenance?
Fiber cement  siding comes either…

  • Primed:  you paint it with the paint of  your choice, color and sheen .
  • Pre-painted:  You choose a color from  the  manufacture color chart and the primer and paint coating process is baked onto the fiber cement panels by the manufacture.

Even though fiber cement siding companies and suppliers offer exceptional guaranties when comes to their products, eventually some fade in the paint will occur this will require some maintenance paint work, we consider a safe time of  7+/- years  inspection routine depending on weather conditions property  location and surroundings. Low pressure wash if needed and a proper maintenance of  all caulking joints.

How much does fiber cement siding cost?
The main reason why Fiber cement  siding  has become so popular is  mainly because it is in the sweet spot between  vinyl siding and  other  claddings without compromising  look or reliability.

Fiber cement siding is not as cheap as vinyl siding  but is also not as expensive as  stucco or stone,  pricing of this cladding can vary depending on  the size of the property, the details needed  or wanted, price will also vary if customers add trims around the windows, soffit, decorative bands and so on…

What are the differences between vinyl VS fiber cement siding?

Even though  siding is a very forgiven exterior cladding, there is no perfect  system or material out there, some have less or more attributes then others.

Vinyl siding pros

  • Never requires painting
  • Cleans fast and well
  • Built-in drainage plane
  • Straight forward installation
  • Optional insulated Siding
  • Non-absorptive
  • Good pricing

Vinyl Siding cons

  • Less resistant to impact
  • May appear wavy
  • Can rattle during high winds
  • Not EcoFriendly

Fiber cement  siding pros

  • Non combustible
  • Pest resistant
  • Appears more uniform
  • EcoFriendly
  • Warping  and cracking resistant
  • Curve appealing

Fiber cement siding cons

  • Will require  painting
  • Will require  inspection of all caulking joints
  • Absorptive material prompt to moisture/rot if not properly maintain

Our vast experience with exterior claddings is what set us apart  from the rest,  we know each project is unique, with its own set of problems that require individual solutions.  We don’t have a one system fits all!!




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