Vinyl and Fiber Cement Siding


Lately customers in the Tri-state area are leaning towards  siding  when facing stucco and stone  leaks  or moisture problems as an exterior cladding alternative mainly because  compare to stucco its  water repellent attributes  & moisture handling  are better, its price is appealing to the customer  and so as its  look.

As part of our exterior cladding services, as a contractor  Rene Munoz Plastering feel proud to offer   both vinyl and fiber cement…

  • Siding replacement
  • Stucco to siding alternatives
  • Siding to stucco
  • Siding to stone
  • Siding repairs
  • Window Trims
  • Preventive caulking of all  possible water penetrations

Even though siding is a great  exterior cladding, like any other facade, siding needs a proper water management and a proper water drainage to ensure…

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Custom Stucco Systems


Stucco WHEN DONE CORRECTLY   is by far a superior cladding in terms of  fire resistance,  maintenance free cladding, curve appealing, home value as well as  insulation rate value.

As part of our exterior cladding services,  as a contractor Rene Munoz Plastering feel proud to offer both acrylic and cement base…

  • 3 Coat commercial and residential drainable Stucco Systems
  • Drainable commercial and residential EIFS Systems
  • Stucco Remediations
  • Stucco skim coats/re-facing
  • Stucco maintenance
  • Stucco  water &  mold issues
  • Stucco trim work
  • Stucco Painting
  • Stucco water proofing and caulking of all possible water penetrations

We don’t have a one system fits all,  we know each project is unique, with its own set of problems that require individual solutions…

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Custom Real/Veneer Stone Systems


Stone is one of the most forgiven exterior claddings  when it comes to  maintenance mainly because it is a highly durable material, real  thin veneer stone can easily  out last any other exterior cladding, the  only downside to it is  its price that compare to manufacture stone is higher.

As part of our exterior cladding services, as a contractor  Rene Munoz Plastering feel proud to offer   both real thin veneer and manufacture…

  • Drainable stone  system installation
  • Stone remediation
  • Stone cleaning
  • Stone re-pointing
  • Stone repairs
  • Stone replacement
  • Preventive caulking of all  possible water penetrations

Base on experience, even though stone is   highly  water  and weather resistant, when its not installed  correctly with a proper drainage system behind,  it tend to keep moisture even more then stucco probably because of its density…

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Custom Stucco Remediations


Over the past years, stucco has gain a bad reputation as an exterior cladding,  unfortunately many home owners in the Tri-state  area have experienced  and still experiencing the consequences of defective stucco, stone  and over all  wrong construction & installation procedures by contractors and builders  that are not educated in the trade.

As part of our exterior cladding services, as a contractor  Rene Munoz Plastering feel proud to offer…

  • Full stucco  & stone Remediations
  • Partial stucco Remediations
  • Underlying sheathing and framing  repairs
  • Buying and selling scenarios
  • Window  removal and  proper window installation
  • Stucco to Siding alternatives

We have been  doing stucco  and stone remediations since the early 2000’s, fixing hundreds if not thousands of properties, giving home owners peace of mind knowing that when they hire us, they are hiring experience, passion, knowledge and credibility along with…

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