Missing Kick Out Flashing Diverter in stucco


Experiencing stucco’s water, mold,termite damage?

Rene Munoz Plastering  will guide you  into the  process of  repairing  the  damage.

Sometimes water  damage  is  caused  by either deterioration, wrong roof installation or a broken  pipe, we can  call this  incidents, unfortunately water  problems  or  rotten wood is created   over  the  time  because of the  moisture, other  times for  the  unluckiest: deficient window  flashing, inadequate  installation  of  a  water  resistant  barrier, lack of  Kick out  flashing diverters  where roof  is  united  with  walls, stucco installed  below grade and other factors  are  some  of the common causes of  most  stucco and stone water  damage.

How do you  know  your  house  is  not  one  of  thousands  that  is  suffering  the  consequences of  improper construction?

Rene Munoz Plastering  LLC. will provide  you  a  few tips and tricks, please  feel free to watch the video  showing at the left side for  more visual tips.

Apparent water seepage on the exterior of the houses, specially at  the   bottom  of the  windows, where roof  is  united  with  walls and shoulders of the  chimney.

Stucco  or  Dryvit®  blistering on  walls  is  a  common sign  of  an  improper installation or deterioration of  your   house or  business walls. And  much more,  now  the  question  will be what  would  you should  do?

You  should  contact a  water damage  inspector  to  check  the  humidity  of  your  walls.

But where should   I inspect my house?

As  we said  the  biggest  problem  is  normally  at the  windows or  where roof is  united  with the  wall, another  place will  be  in  the bottom  of  your  house such   as decks, gardens, pavers steps and  patios that  normally   are  installed  over grade, those  will  be  the  principal  targets  for  an  inspection. Be sure to check our Frequent Asked Questions for more information

After  you  find  out  where  the  problem  is,  next  step  will  be   fix it, Rene  Munoz  Plastering  LLC. and  their  specialist crew will  be  more than  glad  to  help  solve your  problem and  make  sure  your house   is not  just going  to  look  good  in fact it will be  another  well  done  job done  by  the  specialists. We invited you to fill out the form at the  Contact us page for a free estimate of your property.

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