On wooden walls sheathing should be installed  continuously, positioning the boards horizontally. Home owner or builder should leave a 1/8” space between the edges of the boards to allow for moisture expansion. Make sure wood sheathing is the proper moisture content and grade in order to prevent unnecessary cracking.


This  will  be  a  layer  of  water  resistant barrier that  completely  covers the entire home exterior, this  layer  is  most  common on  new  homes  it  will  prevent the  intrusion  of water and  moisture  while  house is been  build. This layer should  be installed using only  manufacturer recommended  fasteners (3/8” galvanized),starting from  the bottom  to  top, first  layer should  installed an approximately of  5” below the bottom  edge of  all  framed walls.


Flashing is an essential part of construction and protection of your property, it’s aggressive adhesive forms a permanent bond between the window flanges and building substrate it also self seals around nails, screws and staples used to secure housewraps and building paper. When installing in arch surfaces specially design flexible flashing should be used, bottom layer of flashing should be  installed behind bottom  flange, for  better  result is  convenient to use  a  flashing  bigger  than  4” wide to assure  better  bondage  between flanges  and  building substrate.


A  grade D  tar paper should be  installed, starting  form  bottom  to  top  with  an overlap

not smaller  than 6” (vertical & horizontal), Water resistant  barrier should be installed  over the  weep screed’s nailing flange, behind both, roof flashing and kickout flashing as well  as on top  of  drip cap  flashing, double layer  of water resistant barrier   is recommended for   better  protection.


As part of drainage system  weep screed  should be  installed  at  the bottom of  all  framed walls where is united with  foundation, as a pro company  Rene Munoz Plastering recommends to apply  a  layer of water resistant barrier installed approximately 5” below the bottom  edge of  all  framed walls prior  to weep screed  installation. Refer to FAQ’s


Pre bent drip cap flashing should be installed over the head casing of all windows and doors, ½ of  an inch larger than  the place  where will be collocated why?

The gap between the drip cap and window/door side will give the space for EZ Bead  or  regular J channel. As  a pro  company  Rene  Munoz Plastering  recommends an extra  layer  of flashing tape  on top drip  cap prior to  water resistant barrier to seal  all windows and  doors   properly.


To avoid risk of moisture or water penetration,  EZ Bead or regular J channel should be installed for future caulk, wherever stucco  is united  with  other surfaces (Azek PVC trims, windows, doors, stone, siding etc,etc.) .

*Note* When  regular J channel  is used, foam backer rod is required prior caulk. 


Expansion  joints  should  be installed  depending  on  each  job needs. refer to 11.-What is an expansion joint and the proper spacing for it in stucco applications?


Refer to 12.-What is Kickout Flashing? In our Frequently asked questions. Faq's , Rene Munoz Plastering also invite you to check our Image Gallery under Stucco Remediation section to see the damage caused by a missing Kick-out flashing in stucco installation, this is one of many little details that make thousands of home owners pay for expensive repairs.

Tyveck Stucco wrap
Window flashing Tape Detail
Grade D Tar Paper (Jumbo Tex)
Weep Screed Detail
Drip Cap Flashing and Window Flashing Tape
EZ Bead around window
Kick-Out Flashing Diverter
Sound Speaker Stucco 3 coats Speach
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