Stucco pilars, detail trims corridor  after PA
Stucco pilars, corridor before  PA


Are  you one   of  thousands  of people that would  like  to give to  your  house or  business a  new  and  refreshing look?

Tired  of  signs  of  deterioration such  as peeling, blistering or  your  wall  looks  simply like   a  map?,  because  all  of the  existing  cracks?

Tired of your old and dirty stucco?

Would  like  to  change  from  siding, brick or  other  exterior  finishes  to   a  brand  new  stucco, Dryvit®  or stone look?

Rene  Munoz  Plastering  will add style and value to your home or business, providing  you pictures, ideas and putting  the   best  of  their  knowledge to not only achieve  your  expectations but exceed your expectations.

Feel Free to Contact us We will  be  more  than  glad  to  hear  about  your  project and answer  all of  your  questions.


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Stucco Project before, Phoenixville PA





      Water Damage

Stucco Project after, Phoenixville PA

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