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Dryvit® is  an exterior cladding that provide beauty and protection for the vertical wall surfaces of the building envelope.  Most importantly, and as the name suggests, they are highly energy efficient and place insulation on the outside of the wall, where building scientists say it is most effective. Literally, the Systems function as a vapor permeable blanket for the building.

On wooden walls  water  resistant  barrier  is installed, followed  by lath  metal  mesh after  this, two  coats of  Portland Cement, first  known as  scratch coat,  and  second  known  as brown coat, after several  days   of  cure  the  surface  will  be  ready for the  synthetic finish better know  as  Dryvit®.

Dryvit® installation should not be undertaken by a property owner unfamiliar with the art of plastering. Successful Dryvit® repair requires the skill and experience of a professional plasterer.

Either  you  are experiencing Dryvit®  problems or  would  like  to increase  the  beauty of your  property by adding  a  refreshing  look, feel free  to Contact us we will be  more than glad  to  answer  all of your questions.


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